Good afternoon everyone!  I hope everyone has enjoyed some peace and quiet and time with family.  I sure have enjoyed catching up with my family and friends over the break.  Zachary got in from ACU the same day we got out so we have been staying up late and drinking lots of hot chocolate!  I wanted to give a special THANK YOU to our Christmas Party room mom, Amy Williams, for doing an amazing job on our Christmas Party.  I have such amazing parents who are always willing to help.  I also would like to thank ALL of you for spoiling me with gifts.  I am always humbled this time of year by so many giving hearts.  I am truly blessed beyond measure.

Just a quick reminder, if you think your kiddo may be sick please keep them home.  I am a big advocate if there’s no fever you are going to school, but the flu is just still so crazy right now we want to keep everyone well!!!  I bought a few extra things of hand-sanitizer and I will buy a few more but we do have 20 kids in one room pretty much touching everything so…

I can’t wait to see all of our kiddos in the morning, I have missed them soooooo!!!!  I will begin to build our lego wall this weekend and I can’t wait to see ALL the amazing things that we are going to do with this awesome gift to our classroom.  Just working on a vertical surface alone is so good for so many things with our littles but to add legos to the mix, well that just makes it magical to 6 and 7 year olds. (OK maybe this teacher too just saying:).


School Closing

School will be closed Thursday and Friday due to the high volume of illnesses we are experiencing.  Administration feels that this is the best solution for ALL of our kiddos.

Please don’t forget to send a wrapped puzzle with your kiddo on Monday for the Christmas Party on Wednesday.

See you Monday!

Christmas Fun

We are going to be having a little Christmas Fun in our room over the next week and a half.  I am needing a few supplies if anyone can help out!!!  I need 20 white bags with handles on them, a big canister of cocoa mix (for hot chocolate), mini marshmallows, 2 large canisters of off brand oatmeal, (we make reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn), gingerbread cookies, and 2 large things of vanilla pudding mix.   We are also doing kindness elves in the classroom so any kind of little “treat” he can leave for our class and another to share kindness would be great too.  If anyone can help with any of these items please let me know.  One or two things would be GREAT and help me out so much!!!  Thank you guys for being so awesome!

December 4

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to let you guys know of a few things going on over the next couple of weeks then I’ll get to what we are learning.  As you can imagine, it is very difficult to keep these sweeties engaged with all the Christmas fun stuff going on at home.  We got a visit today from our Kindness Elf Buddy.  Buddy will be choosing 4 kiddos each day to lead us in some act of random kindness throughout the school building.  I will post a picture each day of my Elf Helpers to let you know who were our leaders for that day.  This keeps them engaged, wanting to work hard, and remembering what the true meaning of this season really is.  Please let me know if there is something your kiddo does that is a random act of kindness; clean room on there own, hold doors for elderly or women, helping at a shelter, etc… I want to try to show them that kindness, no matter where, is what Buddy is looking for.  Our Christmas party will be on Wednesday, December 20th from 9:00-10:00.  If you are helping to set up you will need to be here at 8:30.  Amy Williams is room mother for our Christmas party and has sent out emails with some more information.  Please let her know if you want to help and are not already involved.  Tuesday the 19th will be a half day.  The students will get out at 11:45 and that day will be a PJ day:).

Spelling words; will, about, each, how, up, which, their, said, if, do.  I have been doing no-excuse word checks and these kiddos are really on top of their words.  Thank you for working with them at home, it truly helps!!!!

Phonics:  We are working on the three sounds of “ed”.  This really helps them more in writing but also kicks up their reading.  We have really been focusing on these words in our reading so that it can carry over to their writing.

Math:  We are continuing to work on addition and subtraction both computation and word problems.  We are also adding in surveys and graphing collected information.  The kids always have fun with this.

Writing:  Still focusing on beg/mid/end and all the story elements a good story needs.  We will begin learning how to revise and edit this week and next week.

Science/Social Studies:  We are focusing mainly on Christmas, studying reindeer, and being polite!

I am so proud of these kiddos and how hard they work!  They are amazing!!!!!!!


Week Before Thanksgiving

WOW!!!  Time is flying by.  your kiddos are so busy learning and growing that we don’t know how Thanksgiving crept up on us.  Here are some quick updates on what will be taking place this week.

Make-up pictures are tomorrow.  If you were absent or want to have your pictures done again tomorrow is the day.

Spelling test tomorrow!

On Thursday we, the teachers, have a feast with our students where we eat with them by candlelight.  If you come to have lunch with your kiddo on that day they will not be able to do the feast with us because there is not enough space at our tables for parents too.  This is a fun time for the kiddos.

On Friday we will be have our Thanksgiving Readers Theater immediately after lunch. (11:15 ish)  The kids have been working hard on their presentation voices and expression. Please continue working with them on saying their part loud and proud. It will only last about 15 minutes but they have worked hard and would love for you to be there.  You are welcome to take you kiddo with you afterwards to start your Thanksgiving break.  I will be posting a video on our blog so relatives who couldn’t be here can watch it.

Week of October 30th

WOW!  It is hard to believe that we have ended the first nine weeks of First Grade. I am so proud of all of these kiddos!!!  They are working so hard for me and we are enjoying our time together.  Just a few reminders for the next couple of weeks.  Our Primary kiddos can wear a costume tomorrow!  Early release on Wednesday for teacher training at 11:30.  We will begin Parent/Teacher conferences next week.  If you do not get a request form from me and you would like to come in and discuss your kiddos progress please let me know.

Spelling words:  but, what, all, were, when, we, there, can, an, your  I am starting to look for spelling words in their writing now and holding them accountable for spelling them correctly.  They will have a few spelling grades based on their writing this 9 weeks.  This can lower their spelling grades drastically if they are not using their wordwalls.

Math:  We are still focusing on joining sets to 10 (adding) and really trying to make the connection of different ways to get to a number.  We finished shapes last week and will begin subtraction next week.  The main goal is to really get combinations to 10 so they have a solid understanding of numbers to 10 before we start subtraction.  We still have a TON of letter reversals that we are working on too.

Writing:  We are really having to focus on forming letters from top to bottom.  We are really making a lot of letters funky so I’m trying to work on 1-2 letters a week to make that our focus.  We have focused on all the lower case letters that are formed like a c so c, d, g, o, q.  We are now focusing on letters that are formed like b so far we have gotten b and f.  This week we will work on h and k and so on until we have gotten to all the lower case letters.  It is really super important for them to start their letters from top to bottom.  Also still focusing on what makes a story, beg/middle/end, characters, settings, etc…  All kiddos are at a different stage in their writing so I do a lot of individual conferencing with them.

Science/Social Studies:  We will begin American Symbols this week and next week.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns PLEASE feel free to contact me.  I am loving all of these sweet kiddos and I am really enjoying getting to know them and your family through their eyes.

Week of October 16

Just a few notes for this week.  There is no school for the kiddos this Friday October 20th.  This is a teacher workday and the end of the first 9 weeks.  Next week will be Red Ribbon Week

Monday- Wear Red

Tuesday- PJ’s

Wednesday – College shirt/crazy socks

Thursday- Super Hero Day

Friday – Neon

The kiddos can wear a costume on Halloween as long as it follows dress code.  No masks or props please.  Also, please keep in mind they will be in these costumes all day so they need to be comfortable.  We will be going to the playground that day as well.

Spelling words:  be, this, from, I, have, or, not, by, one, had  We will have a spelling test this week.

Writing:  We are continuing beginning-middle-end of stories.  We are working on a class Halloween story to create a book.  We are starting to focus on punctuation.

Math:  We will be working on shapes while continuing to spiral around with addition and word problems.  Mental math is so important.

Science/Social Studies:  We are learning about nocturnal animals.  Bats, Owls, and spiders are what we focused on.  We will be having fun dissecting owl pellets to find out what other animals are nocturnal.


Week of October 2

Hey everybody!  Hope everyone is doing great!!!  Just wanting to give a little update on our work in progress:)

We will be having a spelling test tomorrow over these words: he, for, was, on, are, as, with, his, they, at   In the future we will doing a spelling preview the day before a test so you can see what words your kiddo really needs help with.  I apologize that it didn’t happen today.  I thought I made copies of the preview and I did not so…we modified.  We do not get new spelling words the week of the test, instead, we work on the most missed spelling words so we can get better.

I will always TRY to send graded papers home on Tuesdays so you can see how your sweet Firstie is doing.  I will be sending graded papers home tomorrow.  I will also be sending some important notes home tomorrow about Red Ribbon Week and Fall Festival at the school.  Please remember early dismissal on Wednesday for teacher training.  We will dismiss at 11:30.

We have no new spelling words this week but the next set of words we will work on are-be, this, from, I, have, or, by, one, had, not- just in case you want to get a heads start.

Phonics- We have been working super hard on long and short vowels and will be assessing off of those this week.  We will begin working on consonant blends (bl, sl, sp, sc, sk, cr, etc…)  These are so important for the kiddos to understand that we no longer break these sounds up but say them together.  (EX: s-p is now sp)

Guided Reading is in full swing so your kiddo should be bringing home a new book every day but Friday.  On Fridays, I allow them to “choose” whether or not they want to read.  They can choose a book out of our library (which may be too hard for them so please read it to them because they have shown an interest) or out of there book boxes.  I do give them a break if they do not want to read over the weekend as long as they have read every night during the week.

Math- We are working on combinations of numbers as well as one-to-one and combing sets.  Combinations of numbers is simply how many different ways you can get to a number.  For example: 10   9+1+10     8+2+10     7+3+10

Writing- Still really focusing on penmanship, capital letters at the beginning of sentences, punctuation, and what makes a story.

Science/Social Studies- We finished learning about our 5 senses and are moving on to seasons and nocturnal animals.  What fun we are going to have with this!!!

Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me with any questions you may have!  It’s going to be a great week in our room!!!



Week of September 19th

Hi everyone!  Hope y’all had a great weekend.  Just a little reminder about the Parent Orientation coming up tomorrow, Tuesday night, at 5:30.  We will meet in our room to go over how our room runs on a daily basis and academic expectations for our First Grade year.  It is sooooo important that you come if at all possible.

Our new spelling words for the next two weeks: he, for, was, on, are, as, with, his, they, at    The kids did great on their first spelling test this week!  I will be sending graded papers home tomorrow.

Math:  We continue to work on adding sets of numbers.  We have learned how to use pictures, number path, and tens frames to help us with our addition.

Writing:  Our focus is on what makes a story.  The kiddos are working hard on learning that a story has a beg/mid/end.  If you have your kids tell you a story remind them that that is what they can write.

Science/Social Studies:  Our science station is in full swing this week with a “walking water” experiment.  We are also learning about our 5 senses.

Guided Reading has finally started this week so your kiddo should be coming home with a book close to their level.  I try to take it slowly at first until they learn the procedures of how we do things.  Please make sure you are reading with your student every night and signing their reading log.  It is important for them to know that there is a connection between home and school.

Thank you so much for all the support you give each day to your kiddo and to me!!!