Welcome To Our Classroom!


ilovefrogsI am very excited about the new year.  This is my 8th year to teach but my 11th year at White Oak.  I have two boys, one is 29 and the other is 19 (my baby is an ACU Wildcat). Both my boys were 13 year Roughnecks and I couldn’t be more proud of them.  In case you can’t tell, I LOVE frogs, my favorite color is purple, and pepperoni pizza with jalapenos is my favorite. We have 2 dogs, Gizmo and Gabby.  I love to be outside doing just about anything!  I do not feel that teaching is my job, it is my favorite hobby and passion.  I will love your children as if they are my own.  You are going to be amazed at how much they grow this year.  I hope you will feel free to contact me at any time for any reason throughout this school year.  Please subscribe to my blog to find out about upcoming events and your child’s learning.

Week of September 19th

Hi everyone!  Hope y’all had a great weekend.  Just a little reminder about the Parent Orientation coming up tomorrow, Tuesday night, at 5:30.  We will meet in our room to go over how our room runs on a daily basis and academic expectations for our First Grade year.  It is sooooo important that you come if at all possible.

Our new spelling words for the next two weeks: he, for, was, on, are, as, with, his, they, at    The kids did great on their first spelling test this week!  I will be sending graded papers home tomorrow.

Math:  We continue to work on adding sets of numbers.  We have learned how to use pictures, number path, and tens frames to help us with our addition.

Writing:  Our focus is on what makes a story.  The kiddos are working hard on learning that a story has a beg/mid/end.  If you have your kids tell you a story remind them that that is what they can write.

Science/Social Studies:  Our science station is in full swing this week with a “walking water” experiment.  We are also learning about our 5 senses.

Guided Reading has finally started this week so your kiddo should be coming home with a book close to their level.  I try to take it slowly at first until they learn the procedures of how we do things.  Please make sure you are reading with your student every night and signing their reading log.  It is important for them to know that there is a connection between home and school.

Thank you so much for all the support you give each day to your kiddo and to me!!!

Week of Sept. 5th

Hey guys!  Hope everyone had a great long weekend with family and friends.  It sure has been a great start to our First Grade year.  I am so in love with these kiddos and their amazing personalities!!!  I will post every two weeks what our goals and objectives are in each subject.  I will also post pictures of your kids in action throughout the day.  Please always feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Spelling and Phonics:  Our spelling words for two weeks are: the, of, and, a, to, in, is, you, that,it    Please practice these words in a fun way each week with your sweeties.  It is so important for them to know these words.  A few suggestions might be: write them with shaving cream, create them with rocks-in sand-or salt, create a hide-and-seek game with them, do a sight word chart with stickers and small rewards when they master them, etc…  We will have a spelling test every two weeks and you will see a spelling preview come home the night before a test so you can see words you may need to focus on.  We are working on vowel sounds which is also soooo important for these kiddos.  Please talk to them about long and short vowel sounds.  Again, make it fun like McDonalds, what vowel sound do you hear, how many vowels does your name have in it and is it long or short-what about my name-favorite color, etc…

Math:  We are working on just basic number sense right now.  Counting, picturing word problems in our heads, and just joining two sets of numbers (addition).  I am introducing them to different ways to solve problems.  This week we worked on drawing a picture, next week we will work on using the number path.  I flash dots to them and we talk about what they see and how they saw it.  We also worked on greater than and less than with number cards this week.  They played “war” with dot cards to see who had the greater number.

Writing:  We are really just starting writers workshop, talking about what a great writer does, what makes a sentence, what makes a story, why we write, etc…

Science/Social Studies:  We are focusing on being good friends and what that looks like.  I haven’t started our actual Science/STEM station yet until we can really listen to directions and follow them closely.  We will talk in detail next week about what makes a great Scientist.

Guided Reading will not start for a short while so I can finish assessing.  Please understand that your student is bringing home a self-choice book right now.  It may be too easy/hard for them so bear with me until I can get their correct level and begin sending home a great book that they can read for sure!  If it’s too difficult please read it to them and sign their reading log to let me know you read it to them.  I will do my best to be double checking their choice but it’s just not always possible right now.

Welcome to Firstie Land

I am so excited to start a new school year with all of my sweet Firsties and their families.  We had a great turn out for meet the teacher last night and I enjoyed putting sweet faces to the names I have written a hundred times.  I have worked extremely hard to get our room ready for a successful year.

Just want to let you know a few things for the next couple of weeks.  We only do snacks for the first 2 weeks of school.  I know you are use to snacks every day in Kindergarten so I wanted to give you the heads up.  We try to keep them from getting too hungry those first couple of weeks so we squeeze in snacks at 2:00.  After we get going though, it really just doesn’t make sense to keep giving them a snack at 2:00 when they will be home by 3:00.  Our schedule is just so different.  Lunch ends at 11:15, we go to special classes (P.E., Music, etc…) at 1:15 and our Science and Social Studies time is at 2:00.

First Grade is so jam-packed so it is sooooo important that our littles get here by 7:45 if at all possible.  Our day starts in full swing at 8:00 and we don’t stop until 2:45!  I understand there will be times that mornings get crazy, believe you me, but try because if you could see their little faces when they come in even 1 or 2 minutes late it would break your heart.

We will have a Parent Orientation soon to explain how our room works, reading levels, grade level expectations, writing, etc… please try your best to come to that.  It will make a huge difference in how you view your kiddos education and our classroom.

I am so looking forward to loving on your sweeties this year.  Thank you for trusting me with them!!!

Our Little Inventors

Hey guys just a little reminder that we will begin using our imaginations tomorrow and becoming inventors.  The kids are really getting into this and this is a great way to keep them engaged to the end of school.  Today they drew their intentional plans (which we all know could change) and wrote what they thought they might need for supplies.  I have a lot of the materials they will need but we are still needing a few things that you may have just laying around the house.

Tape all kinds of tape, plastic trash bags that can be cut (for kites), wrapping paper, bottle lids, balloons, wooden dowel rods (like what you make kabobs with), and any little things your kiddos are saying.

I am still in need of some vegetable oil and alka-seltzer of aspirin for lava lamps.

I appreciate each and everyone of you for EVERYTHING you have done and are willing to do!


Field Trip

Just a few friendly reminders about our field trip tomorrow.  We will leave school around 9:00 to go to Penick Park.  Please make sure your kiddo has a SACK lunch (we don’t want to have to keep up with lunch boxes) with 2 drinks.  Please write their name on their drinks and lunches.  I keep the drinks in a cooler and their lunches in a box.  We also want them in tennis shoes and comfortable clothes.  If they want to bring a towel to sit on at lunch time that is fine but they will be responsible for making sure it gets back on the bus.  They can wear hats, sunglasses, etc… but again they will have to keep up with them.  If you are bringing your child lunch PLEASE let me know because I have to know they have lunch.  If they do not come to school with a lunch and I haven’t heard from you I will send them to the cafeteria to get a sack lunch!

End of First Grade Fun

Hey guys!  I can’t believe I’m making this post but here goes.  We have 3 weeks of school left and it is all about some fun. I try to keep our kiddos engaged and learning at this time of year so we shake things up a bit.  We will become inventors and explorers over the next few weeks.  I am going to ask for a few things from you, if possible.  We will be in need of many things for the kids to be able to get creative and invent things.  We will also be making lava lamps and learning about density.

Things needed:  empty water bottles, big rubber bands, large containers of cheap vegetable oil, tape, alka-seltzer, balloons, string, shoe boxes, empty vegetable cans, and anything your kiddo comes home and says “I need this for my project”.  I will try to supply as much as I can but there may be things that I just don’t have that they need.

Do I have a parent that would be willing to drill holes in some vegetable cans so the kids can make “phones”?  If so, please text or e-mail me.

Lets finish this year strong and with some FUN!!!!

Class Picture Day

Just a reminder that tomorrow will be class picture day.  Please consider purchasing a class picture for $10.  This is the only class picture that we get with us all together.  You get an 8×10 class picture and a 5×7 fun picture.

We will  just begin reviewing all of the no-excuse words and the spelling grades will come directly from their writing so no more new words!!!!l

I am doing a final benchmark on reading this week so the kiddos are coming home with self-choice books or chapter books for their book clubs.

April 18-28

Good Thursday morning to everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed a great long weekend with family and friends!  Thank you Jessica Fisher for being our Easter room mom and thank you to all who helped in any way!  I cannot believe school is almost over.  It makes me sad but so proud at the same time.  Our kiddos are so amazing!!!!

Our CHAMPS assembly will be next Friday the 28th.  The word we are presenting is “RESPECT”.  The kids are helping me come up with some fun and exciting ways to teach our other friends about respect.  It’s going to be cute!

Spelling words for the next two weeks are: way, find, use, may water, long, little, very, after, words.  This is a good time to remind kids that they can connect words to other words like may, way, day, today, say, etc…

Math:  We are working on double digit addition and subtraction without re-grouping.  We continue looping back and revisiting all concepts taught so far.  Please keep working on skip counting with money and time to hour and half hour.  This always seems to be challenging.

Phonics:  We are reviewing all concepts taught this year.  Long and short vowels and vowel teams are still challenging for some so I will be placing a lot of review material in stations.

Writing:  This is the time of year that expectations become a little deeper and students begin to see and really work on the writing process.  Revising and editing are challenging because when they finish a story they want to just be done!  They must go back and revisit their paper to check for punctuation, misspelled words, capitalization, left out words, etc…  We expect them, at this point, to have a beg/mid/end to their stories, capitals at the beginning of sentences, punctuation in correct places, and use of imagination instead of just writing about known things.

Science/Social Studies:  We are learning about pond life and life cycles.  If your kiddos haven’t told you yet, we have a FROG!!!!  We are learning how his needs have changed and what we need to do to help him survive until we let him go.

Hope everyone has a great week and I can’t wait to see you at the CHAMPS assembly next week April 28th.