Week of October 8th

WOW did September fly by!!!!!!  We are off to a great start in Firstie Land. Homecoming was so precious with all their mums and garters.  These littles were super excited all day. I hope everyone was able to see the parade and enjoy Roughneck Days.

On October 30th we will be doing student led conferences.  This is a day that your sweetie gets to spend 15-20 minutes showing you their work, explaining how our day works, and setting a few goals with you.  This is our first year to try this but I think it’s going to be great for them to actually “own” their learning with you and I involved.  I will be sending a paper home this week with a time on it.  If for some reason this time doesn’t work for you please let me know as soon as possible!  I will try to work with you but we only have the one day and, unless another parent needs a different time, it will be very difficult.

Spelling words for the next two weeks: be, this, from, I, Have, or, by, one, had, not

Phonics:  We have been working on blends and will continue to go over blends this week and then digraphs next week.  (blends are two consonants that work together to make one sound ex.  bl in blue or gr in grape and digraphs are the sh, the, ch, wh)  The kiddos worked very hard on vowel sounds and we will continue to review because vowels are so important to their reading and writing.

Math:  We will continue working on joining sets, strategies that we use and number talks.

Writing:  We are starting our class spooky story for October in whole group.  I am meeting with kiddos throughout the week working on them setting writing goals and working on more details.  They are loving our Writer’s Workshop time.

Science:  As most of you know, we learned about Spiders last week and they LOVED it!  This week we will be learning about Bats and then Owls.  I love teaching science and these kids are soaking it up!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me any time!!!


Week of September 17th

Well, it is officially the 6th week of school. WOW!!!  I am loving getting to know your sweet kiddos.  They are working so hard to learn routines, stations, rules, and me.  They are doing great!!!!  I always try to give y’all a breakdown of what the next two weeks will look like to give you a heads up on what to say and ask your kiddo about their learning.  We do have an early release next Wednesday for PLC teacher training.  A note will go home about the times soon!  October 5th is our Homecoming and there will be an early release day for that too so that any and all students who want to attend can.  We will release at 1:15 on October 5th for many reasons (traffic being the main one for our bus route).  Your kiddo can wear a mum or garter to school but we will take them off and keep them safe until it is time to be released.  Don’t forget picture day is Thursday the 20th.  Graded papers should be in their folders today.  WHEW!!!! Lots of info.

Spelling:  These are our words for the next two weeks: he, for, was, on, are, as, with, his, they, at  We have highlighted the first 10 words on our spelling list.  I will be holding them accountable for these words in their reading and writing from now on!  I do give an “authentic” spelling grade from their writing 2-3 times in a nine weeks.  This means I grade spelling words that they use when they write.

Phonics:  We should know short vowel sounds and are now working on long vowel sounds and word families.

Writing:  We are focusing on what gets a capital letter and penmanship.  Finger spaces, how we form our letters, and what is a good sentence.  We will begin our first class book this week.  Yay!!!

Math:  We are working on the greater than/less than/equal to vocabulary and signs.  We continue to do number talks to allow the students to share how they see and understand numbers.  We are also talking about addition and subtraction on the number path.

Science/Social Studies:  We are working on color mixing and doing some fun experiments with that.  We are also talking about our 5 senses.  We read and watch some awesome books and videos this week and next week we get to “test” our senses.  This is so much fun for your sweet kiddos.

I will be sending home a Scholastic book order form tomorrow.  You can send a check with your sweetie and I will enter the order or you can go online and order with a card.  My code is GZZHF!  Thank you for supporting me and your sweetie.




Week of September 10

Hey guys!!!  We are off to such a great start.  I hope the kiddos came home talking about baking soda and vinegar!!!  Just a few things to let you know what has been going on in Firstie land.  TESTING, TESTING, TESTING  The first few weeks is all about learning where your sweet babies are and where we need to start this school year.  I know some of the books they are bringing home may be too hard/easy but at least we are getting them in the habit of reading every night again.  Hopefully after this next week we will get to start actual guided reading and they will come home with a book on their level of learning.  I will add to their Reading Adventure as we go along.  I will be sending their first little set of graded papers home tomorrow so you can get a glimpse of where they are.

Spelling:  This is a big week for our Firsties!  They will be taking their first spelling test on Tuesday.  It is a “story line” test and then a dictation on the back.  We will do a spelling preview tomorrow so you can see what your sweetie needs to work on.  The words are a review from K so hopefully they will do great on them.  The words should be in their planner and they are the first 10 words in their spelling word list in their Reading Adventure.  the, of, and, a, to, in, is, you, that, it  After the test, these words will be highlighted and I will hold the kiddos responsible for spelling these words correctly in all areas!

Math:  I will be sending home their first homework on Tuesday.  I TRY to send math homework home on Tuesdays just so you can see what we are doing in math.  I will be totally honest, in a perfect world you will see homework every Tuesday, otherwise, I do have them write in their planner when they have math homework.  We are working on addition strategies (using your finger, number path, counting on) and we will begin number order and patterns in numbers.

Phonics:  We have focused on short vowel and short vowel families.  The next two weeks we will focus on long vowels and long vowel families.  I want the kiddos to remember word “chunks” or families as they read.  (at, and, ake, ug, etc…)

Writing:  We are learning what good writers do and look for.  Punctuation being a stop sign when you write.  What gets a capital letter.  What a good writer does and looks for.  We have started building our “writing stamina”.

Science/Social Studies:  We will wrap up our Author Study on Kevin Henkes and we will begin learning about primary colors and what happens when you mix them.  Yay a cool science experiment will be waiting on those babies almost everyday this week and for sure next week in research.

Please feel free to contact me any time!!!!!!!!!


Week of August 26th

Helloooooo my Firstie parents!  What a great first week we have had.  It has been a lot of remembering the CHAMPS guidelines and procedures, classroom rules and procedures, and just learning new friends.  I am so ready to get this learning year started.  This week we will begin logging notes and things in our planners, we will begin to bring books home, and studying words that will help us become awesome readers.

Spelling words for the next two weeks are: the, of, and, a, to, in, is, you, that, it.  These are review words from Kindergarten so they should be pretty easy for our sweeties.  Please make practice fun for example: let them write them in shaving cream(this is a great cleaning tool) sticks in dirt, air writing, writing on your back then theirs to try to figure out, etc…

Reading:  I was planning on sending home their reading journals this Monday but I got a little behind so it will be Tuesday before reading logs and journals will come home,  However, on Monday they will pick out a self choice book to bring home.  Beginning Tuesday, I will send home  a red reading journal with awesome “tools” for our readers to get started.  Please read the note (more encouragement to come) and read with our sweeties.

Math: We are reviewing number concepts and beginning number talks.  These kiddos are going to grow so much this year!

Science/Social Studies:  We will begin an author study on Kevin Kenkes that focuses on good character and friendship.  I will be doing a science experiment with the kiddo on Friday that goes along with this concept.

Writing:  This week we will be focusing on what makes a good writer and the characteristics of a good story.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!  I already love your sweet kiddos!  This is going to be a great year!



First Week of First Grade

I am so excited to begin a new year with your sweet Firstie!  We try to take it kinda slow the first week but still let then know what First Grade is all about.  Today we introduced a station, the first 5 sight words, the math stations and writing.  We will focus on each of these things all week long.  I am loving my new Firstie group!!!!

End of year

First of all, let me thank each and every one of you for letting me be a part of your babies journey.  I love your kiddos as if they were my own and LOVE each and every milestone we get to cross together.  Your sweeties have worked so hard this year and have come so far!  Please take advantage of the amazing program that the Longview library is offering this summer to keep your kiddos going.  I have also sent home a sight word book for them to work on.  My heart is so sad that tomorrow is our last day together but it’s also so full knowing that they are truly ready for 2nd grade.  I’m not done with your sweeties as I follow them and there progress for years to come!

Now, I’m going to leave this right here.  Please let me know if you’d like a copy!  I love you guys so much!!!!  Grow on my sweet Firsties grow on!

Last 2 weeks of school

WHAT????  I can’t believe this year is almost over.  These kiddos have grown so much and are sooooo amazing!  I want to thank each and everyone of you for the Teacher Appreciation gifts last week.  Y’all went above and beyond to make me feel special and it worked!!!

This week we will learn about inventors and learn that we can become inventors too.  This week is always such and eye opener for me as to what they can come up with and create.  I am asking y’all to send anything random you can think of.  Toilet paper or paper towel empty rolls, balloons, foil, string, shoe or cereal boxes, etc…  If they come home and say I need…it’s true! (haha)  I am also in need of empty water bottles, cooking oil, and alka-seltzer tablets. (we are making “lava lamps”)  If you can help out with any of these things I would greatly appreciate it and so would these sweeties.

We will also finish up our study on clouds and do an experiment with that!

Next Monday is our last full day of First Grade:( Tuesday and Wednesday are half days for the kiddos.  I am soooo going to miss this amazing group of Firsties.  They have such awesome hearts and have grown to be such good friends.  I love each and everyone of them!!!!


Well…I told y’all I’d forget something.  The Read-a-Thon is a great fundraiser for our littles.  It is our way of earning a little money by making them feel that they are making a big difference by doing what they love.  You all got a sheet of paper Friday with your students code to log in.  When you sign them up they get to choose a free prize which always makes their day.  From there, you can share on FB, Twitter, etc…, people can then click on your kiddos picture (that you share) and donate to their Read-a-Thon.  The more money each child earns for their reading the more prizes they will be able to pick.  I will log a reading session each day here at school and you can log additional reading sessions at home.  The kids really get so proud of how much they read that it makes them want to read more!  This is the only fundraiser White Oak Primary does and it really benefits us greatly!!!  Please take the time to sign your student up and help them make a difference for our school by reading.

Thank you for all you do each and every day!!!!