Week of February 12th

Hi guys!  Hope everyone is staying healthy out there!!!  Happy Valentine’s Day.  The party will be Wednesday February 14th at 11:15.  You can begin setting up at 10:45.  If any of my parents would be willing to help set up for the party please come at 10:45!!!  We need a few extra hands if possible.  I know a lot of you like to eat with your kiddos before parties but…we just don’t have the room in the cafeteria to accommodate that many parents and kiddos (when you add kindergarten, first, then second grade) so please do not eat with your sweetie tomorrow.  You can take them home after the party if you want to.  There will be a sign out sheet on my desk.

Spelling words: him, could, time, see, like, two, more, has, her

Math:  We are learning time to the hour and half hour and identifying and counting coins.  We count a collection of coins with dimes; pennies    nickels;pennies    quarters; pennies  In first grade the collections do not combine quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.  If they are ready I have them practice this but not until they are ready.  They do, however, have to count each coin with pennies.  Both of these concepts are difficult for many of these kiddos so please allow them to practice at home.  Ask them what time it is, what time the clock says when it’s bedtime, what time the clock says when they eat breakfast, etc..  Hand them change and let them separate like coins and count it out.  We continue to practice addition and subtraction strategies with higher numbers now.

Phonics:  We have learned nouns, adjectives, and verbs.  This week we are concentration on compound words.

Writing:  Punctuation is a huge focus right now.  We are also not quite getting beginning/middle/end so we are working in small groups on this.

Science/Social Studies: We learned all about penguins and next week we will focus on Presidents.  We will learn about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Remember no school Monday for Presidents Day.  Hope to see everyone at the party!

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